We also offer a range of services at our specialty clinics. In addition, our specialty physicians are widely recognized for their high-quality care. Our integrated electronic health record allows for easy flow of critical health information so physicians can provide care that is highly coordinated.

Specialized Clinical Laboratory

Full fledged and sophisticated Laboratory, equipped to do all Haemotological and Biochemical investigations. We are providing all routine tests and investigations along with sophisticated investigations like MAST test for Allergic Rhintis and Bronchial Asthma, etc.

X-Ray, E.C.G & Ultra Sound

Specialized X-ray and E.C.G Laboratory provides the State of Art of Technology 300 M.A. X-ray Unit with Floating Table & BS 20 Vertical Bucky Stand Facility, Advanced film processor and Latest Technology 12 Channel E.C.G Unit.


Ultrasound for Follicular imaging, early pregnancy diagnosis, Tubular pregnancy follow up, and all kinds of abdominal screening for gynecology cases.